'A ball gown is your dream, and it must make you a dream... I think it is just as necessary in a woman's wardrobe as a suit. And it is wonderful for morale...' Christian Dior

Monday, 17 January 2011

Green is the colour

With a current wardrobe tally boasting three vintage green knits, two green hats, three green blouses and five green dresses, I've never stopped to consider that green is not the colour for everyone. I can't get enough of it; it's probably one of the only perks of having pale freckly skin and (naturally) ahem, strawberry blonde hair. So it was interesting to read Guardian's Fashion Editor Jess Cartner-Morley's take on the colour in Saturday's Guardian. Tunes like Black Velvet, Back to Black and Lady In Red, she argues, have stood the test of time better than Kermit The Frog's It's Not Easy Being Green. Fair point.  2011, however, is set to be green's year. If last night's Golden Globes are anything to go by, I think she's right. There were a lot of fashion casualties this year, but notice none of them were wearing green.

Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace

Catherine Zeta Jones in Monique L'Huillier

Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss in Donna Karan

I was feeling a bit green myself this weekend. One of my favourite birthday presents last week was this dress my friend Sally bought me. On a personal level it was a really sweet gift that cheered me up on an occasion I had been dreading. She had liaised with my friend Kate who owns Little Red Vintage in Liverpool for weeks about an outfit which would suit and fit me and then Kate posted it to her, even though they don't even know each other.

Ok, so it's not exactly the red carpet (ignore the sink for a start) but it was a fun night at The Drop in Stoke Newington and the dress, amusingly, commanded much attention. One guy came over and said, 'you've won.' 'Won what?' I scowled despondently. 'Best dressed in the room' he smiled. Hmm. And the award for worst ever chat up line goes to...


  1. That is a great dress though!

  2. But it is such a lovely dress that the awful line must be forgiven! And, happy birthday! Try not to dread them; they come at regular intervals despite our best efforts. XO, Anita