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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Secret society

I'm rubbish at fancy dress which is ironic for somebody who loves dressing up in pieces from different eras, but there, I said it. I put it down to two reasons: 1) Every day is a dress up day so when it comes to 'fancy dress' I lazily raid my dressing up box (my bedroom) and choose somebody I can easily transform into – Twiggy, Edie Sedgwick, Ceila Birtwell... 2) When it comes to a big event where last minute fancy dress planning/shopping is required, I'm nearly always too hungover from the night before. (I'm the kind of person who gets really drunk the night before NYE so on the 'big' night, I'm moody and out of sync. I never learn)

So I was hungover yesterday, the day of the Secret Cinema my friend Sarah and I had tickets for. The secret cinema does exactly what it says on the tin, you turn up at a secret location and watch a secret film. Last night, we were told to dress in 1920s and the event is completely styled to the theme of the film. Everyone made a real effort and looked amazing in black flapper or sequinned dresses, headbands and feathers, pearls and red lipstick. I wore a black lace dress, respectable 1920s-length heels and the gold bolero I got from Portabello Market for 6 quid. I probably could have passed for 1920s had I not been wearing my 1950s glasses (an unavoidable faux pas after my contact lenses didn't arrive on time). Thankfully Sarah looked much more the part...  

I was secretly hoping for The Great Gatsby, but instead got Bugsy Malone. I wasn't sure at first but after a chilli dog (as well as hair of the dog) from the prohibition bar, I was converted. And the hair and dresses on Jodie Foster's Tallulah have given me such a greater appreciation of the period, you never know, I might start varying my fancy dress repertoire...

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