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Monday, 18 January 2010

Not-so-Little Red

If there was only one shop in the world to buy clothes from, for me it would be Little Red in Liverpool. That may sound like a bold statement, but even with all the vintage shops, fairs and websites at arms length, I still end up buying most of my clothes there! Ok, so it's owned by a very good friend of mine, Kate Harris and I'm probably slightly biased, but it's just a lovely shopping experience, and that is by no means just because she's my friend.

Everyone should sample the Little Red experience. The clothes are affordable, unique and beautifully preserved or where appropriate, re-styled so the wearer gets the maximum out of them for an individual or quirkier look. The shop is, at the risk of sounding like an estate agent, bright and airy, so the dresses on rails have space to breathe and at no point do they look cluttered. The owner isn't merely a shopkeeper, she's a stylist dedicating much of her day to helping shoppers customise a look of their own.

Naturally, she's had a big hand in styling me over the years. This weekend, I went in to find a dress to wear to the National TV Awards on Wednesday. I left with a shoulder-padded black sequinned leotard attached to a skirt that you knot to form a revealing maxi dress for the awards, (pictures to follow when I'm brave enough) a strapless sequinned jumpsuit, a puffed out, high-waisted gold skirt and a 1960s felt hat in bright blue.

A year ago, Little Red was just a little shop in the Grand Central shopping centre in Liverpool, and now she's also got her own premises on Bold Street. Try it out and you just see if you can go in and make a single purchase... it's impossible.

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